10x Your Business With Google Traffic

  •  Don’t Pay Until You Rank
  • Affordable, Keyword-Based Payment System
  • Increase Revenue
  • Front Page Domination
  • Build Your Site’s Authority
  • A Proven Ranking System
  • Monthly Reporting
  • An Automated Marketing Machine
  • Flexible Contract Options

we can help you

Get More Customers

Don’t Pay Until You Rank*

With our system, you only start paying us the monthly retainer fee once you start ranking. We win when you win.

*$199 setup fee, No monthly fee until you rank.

Affordable, Keyword-Based Payment System

We charge you per keyword. Start slow and add as you go. Our SEO Calculator, shows you exactly how much you will pay every month, depending on your keyword’s position in Google.

Increase Revenue

36% of searches click on the top result in Google. We’ll put you where the customers are.

Front Page Domination

A Complete online marketing strategy doesn’t stop with Google. We offer packages to help you manage your social media marketing and boost your word-of-mouth traffic. And then we’ll help you rank those on the front page of Google, too.

Build Your Site’s Authority

Our Authority marketing model means that everything we do helps establish your business as the go-to authority in your market.

A Proven Ranking System

After 6 years in the industry, we know what works. You want proof? We have proof. While we won’t reveal the actual campaigns our customers have run, we do have some pretty impressive case studies you can check out.

Monthly Reporting

Business owners need a simple way to tell if their marketing plan is working. Every month we send you a report with the progress we are making. Spend 5 minutes with that report every month and you’ll know exactly where your company is online.

An Automated Marketing Machine

 The beauty of the internet is that it is running 24/7. Put your site at the top, and it can be building your brand and bringing you new clients, even while you sleep. You can stop chasing every new advertising craze and get back to working on your business.

Flexible Contract Options

Want Month-To-Month? We can do that. Our popular “don’t pay until you rank” system uses a 6-month contract.

We can work with your business to help you get the most economical system.


A Proven System

We like to let our results speak for themselves.

Check out a few of the position results we got for one client.

Constant Support

Marketing is a team effort.

Anytime your team has a marketing question, our team is just one email away.